Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A recent investigation

Recently I went on a paranormal investigation at the site of a POW camp. The site wasn't at all what we expected. There aren't any actual buildings left at the POW camp, which housed German soldiers during World War II and migrant workers at other times. Some concrete foundations and a rusty water tower is all that remains. It's now the city park, complete with baseball diamond. The picnic pavilion and the concrete slabs, I've since learned, are foundations of the meeting hall and prisoner barracks.
I didn't expect to get anything interesting, since it was outdoors and there was so much background noise. We didn't get so much as an EMF hit, although there was an intermittent nasty odor around the playground. We searched the area pretty thoroughly and couldn’t find an organic source.

To my surprise when I listened to the recording a few days later and got several clear but faint EVPs. We got a response to a question, were told to get out, and got a rude noise. But what we were most interested in, however, was finding out whether we'd picked up anything near the kiddie playground where we'd smelled the funky smell. And we did. It's clear even without headphones. I thought it was a growl or a cough, but my friend Debbi was the one who recognized it as a death rattle. We picked it up right in the spot where we'd smelled what we thought was something dead. This is not the first time I’ve run across a negative entity, or one that communicates by smell. I’m not exactly sure what to make of it. It’s a bit creepy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Although the paranormal is a subject I've always been interested in, I'll be the first to admit I was a skeptic. Shows like Ghost Hunter show us plenty of evidence, but any of it could easily be faked. It's television, after all. It's what they do. So I promised myself I would believe it when I got some solid evidence of my own. I lived in Europe for a long time, and folks over there just aren't interested in this kind of stuff. I had to wait until I got back to the States before I could find a group of like-minded people.
So I joined a ghost hunting group but went on several investigations before I captured some clear EVPs. I've since recorded several more and have had some other experiences. I'm convinced now that there's something out there that I can't account for. Exactly what it is I don't know. But just because I can't explain them doesn't mean I dismiss them. You shouldn't take my word or anybody else's, though. Don't believe anything until you have some evidence of your own that you know without a shadow of a doubt is real.
Remember that the word 'paranormal' just means 'not normal'. If you lived 200 years ago photography, radio and TV would all seem paranormal to you.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm Sue Latham, author of the forthcoming book, The Haunted House Symphony. This is my first novel and I couldn't be more excited. It's a ghost hunting mystery starring Margo Monroe, who recently left her boring office job to become a professional ghost hunter; her old pal Ernie, a slightly nerdy tech genius who works with her; Sandy, their phantasmophobic assistant; and some-time accomplice Elaine, with whom Ernie is secretly in love. They're working incognito out of a hidden lab at the local college, but their cover is blown when what looks at first to be a routine investigation turns into an adventure that catapults them into the spotlight.
With the help of the ghost of an unfortunate young woman, they make some unexpected discoveries that turn out to be a lot more than last century's headline news.
If you're into ghost hunting, you'll love my book! Look for it this summer.

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