About me

I'm Sue Latham, author of The Haunted House Symphony, and my new book The Science Professor's Ghost. This series features the paranormal adventures of professional ghost hunter Margo Monroe.

In The Science Professor's Ghost, Margo is contacted by the late professor Nigel Pritchett, the first murder victim in Throckmorton since 1934. While Margo tries to figure out what the professor's ghost is trying to tell her, she also agrees to help a precocious fifth grader named Chester, who claims his school is haunted. Margo soon finds herself embroiled in more than she bargained for.

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About me

I have a passion for anything unexplained. I'm pretty sure that what we know and understand about our universe (multiverse?) is only the tiniest portion of what there is to know. However, I also firmly believe it’s important to remain skeptical.

I lived abroad for many years and my travels have taken me to every continent except Antarctica. In Switzerland I lived in a building that was 400 years old (no ghosts, though). I've survived earthquakes and floods, have flown over the Nazca lines, and was once stranded by a flash flood in the Australian Outback and had to spend a harrowing night in a Subaru.

I love books, theater, and vintage fashion. I share a small apartment in Dallas with a (female) parrot named Jethro (long story), and a rabbit named Harry, who bears a striking resemblance to Prince Harry of Wales.