The Haunted House Symphony

Margo Monroe is a thirty-something single girl who does what many of us wish we could do--she traded in her boring office job to become a professional ghost hunter. Who would have thought she’d find a university department in the small town of Indian Springs that specializes in paranormal research? Only a few people know about the team’s hidden lab and all the latest in ghost-hunting equipment they have at their disposal.

It’s hard to tell whether their new client, Marsha, is over-reacting or whether the strange things going on in her old house are really paranormal, so Margo and the team conduct an investigation. Things get really interesting when a ghostly voice implores them to rescue what she treasures most. Now all they have to do is figure out what they’re supposed to find.

While the team learns as much as they can about the young woman whose spirit needs their help, Margo struggles to find a balance between the professional and the personal when someone from her past wants to be more than friends. Although Margo has a moment of indecision when she's tempted to show Marsha the evidence they found and be done with it, she realizes she's the only one who can help her client--and the uneasy spirit that haunts her home. They make an astonishing discovery and the team find themselves in the international spotlight.

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